“Where do I find community?”

“How do I get connected?”

“How can I build meaningful relationships?”

We hear these questions often.  The good news is, we have an answer!  Our Sunday School Groups is the place for you.  There you will find community, connections and places you can serve.  Do not let another week go by without finding a class.  We have several options for you.  If you have any questions about which group will fit you best, email Mark Barnhill at mbarnhill@woodridge.org.



As part of our safety program, Preschool-aged and Kindergarten children must be checked in at our preschool reception desk. They will be placed in a class with a caring teacher and other children of their age where they’ll be given age-appropriate Bible stories, crafts, and snacks! Classes begin at 9:30am and children will be cared for until the conclusion of our 10:50am worship service.

Grade School

Elementary age children will go directly to their classrooms and have a great experience in their Sunday School classes with wonderful age-appropriate activities.  After Sunday School, they will go to Kids Church.

Grade 1
Room 825

Grade 2
Room 804/806

Grade 3
Room 803/805

Grade 4
Room 800/802

Grade 5
Room 801

HOPE (Special Needs Ministry)

Special Needs Bible Study and activities are provided during both the Bible Study and Worship hours in room 306/308.


Grades 6-12 have amazing, dedicated teachers waiting to make a difference in their lives. Middle school students start their Sunday morning experience in Room 409 (above the media center) and the High School students start their Sunday morning experience in the Shelter (the former sanctuary).

All classes begin at 9:30am

We call our small group program Sunday School. Sunday School is your place to connect.

In our fast-paced life that is constantly changing, we need a group of friends that truly care, that help in time of need, and can give us good biblical advice. You can find this in a Sunday School class at Woodridge. We believe that one of the best ways to learn God’s truth is with a small group of people. You can often gain new insight and perspective while studying and discussing God’s word together. Small groups offer a safe, friendly, caring environment where you can find the courage and support to try the life-transforming truth found in the Bible.

Where do I find a small group?

We believe it’s important to find a Sunday School group that you can connect with to get that small group experience. To accomplish that, we offer groups for every age and life stage. Below you will find a list of our adult classes, as well as where your child or teenager can find a place to belong. Feel free to try several different classes and find the best place for you to connect.

To find a preschool class your child will be in, please go to the preschool desk and you will find a loving, age-appropriate class for your preschooler ages newborn through kindergarten.

To find a great class for your 1st-5th grader, go to the childrens’ check-in desk upstairs over the sanctuary.  There will be a greeter there to show your child to their room.

To find out where your high school student will be during Sunday School, please go to the Shelter (building with the small steeple) to find a great class for your student!

To find a fun class for your middle school student, please go to The Loft (above the media center).  A greeter will be happy to help you locate this area.  Students are divided by gender and grade.


Here is a list of current adult classes:

Young Adult 1
20 Somethings and College Students
Room 612

Young Adult 2
All ages
Nearlyweds and Newlyweds
Room 605

Young Adult 3
Young Marrieds
Parents of PS
Room 616

Young Adult 4
Parents of PS/CH
Room 650

Young Adult 5
Parents of PS/CH
Room 601


Median Adult 1
Parents of CH/MS
Room 660

Median Adult 3
Parents of MS/HS
Room 662

Median Adult 4
Parents of MS/HS
Room 659

Median Adult 5
Parents of Students
Room 723

Median Adult 6
Parents of College Students
Room 600


Mature Adult 1
Empty Nest
Room 656

Mature Adult 2
Room 653

Mature Adult 3
Room 520


All ages
Room 657

All ages
Room 606
Current Study

All ages
Room 658

All ages
Room 607