The Compassion Experience

April 27-30, 2018

Ever wonder what life is really like in other parts of the world? What if you could experience it for yourself — without leaving Texas?

The Compassion Experience will bring you as close to another country and culture as you can get without a passport. This interactive, immersive display allows you to step into the life of a child who has suffered under the crippling weight of poverty.

But the journey does not end there.

In the span of 20 minutes, you will travel with that child from hardship to hope. And in the midst of hope, you will see that child's story transformed through the support of Compassion and the child's life-giving relationship with a sponsor. Don't miss this life-changing event! 

Event Times

Friday, April 27th | 11 AM - 6:40 PM
Saturday, April 28th | 10 AM - 5:40 PM 
Sunday, April 29th | 12 PM - 7:40 PM 
Monday, April 30th | 11 AM - 6:40 PM 

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