Discipleship Classes

We strive to create a culture of authenticity as we study the Bible together. We have many different groups and classes to fit every age and stage of life. No perfect people are allowed! But in these classes, you will find the warmth of community, a safe place to ask questions about faith, and opportunities to serve, and make your life count for Christ.


As part of our safety program, preschool-aged children must be checked in at our preschool reception desk. They will be placed in a class with caring teachers and other children their age where they’ll be given age-appropriate Bible stories, crafts, and snacks!


Grades K-5 will go directly to their classrooms and have a great experience in their Sunday School classes with wonderful age-appropriate activities.

Special Needs

Special Needs Bible Study and activities are provided during both the Bible Study and Worship hours.


Grades 6-12 have amazing, dedicated teachers waiting to make a difference in their lives.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing

We currently offer a Sunday School class for the deaf and hard of hearing. This class is led by Debbie Moore in room 658.


We believe it’s important to find a Sunday School group that you can connect with to get that small-group experience. To accomplish that, we offer groups for every age and life stage. The people in these classes welcome you with open arms!

Adult Sunday Classes
Adult Weekday Classes

The Disciple-Making Pathway

Disciple making is intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit to replicate faithful followers of Christ. In order to grow in spiritual maturity, believers should follow this pathway in the context of a local church.

A disciple gathers together with the corporate church body for weekly worship. During this time, believers are equipped and edified for the work of ministry.

Discipleship Classes: These mixed-gender groups of 10-20 people are the starting point for learning God’s Word. We offer ongoing classes, as well as, classes covering special topics.

Discipleship Groups: These gender-specific groups of 5-6 people meet for 12 months and measure their success by the M.A.R.C.S. of a healthy group.

The Institute: This fully accredited graduate-level community of faith and learning, allows our members to audit classes or earn a degree right here on our campus.

Evangelism: Through divine appointments and relational evangelism, a disciple engages non-believers with the Gospel by forming intentional relationships.

Service: A disciple should serve both within the church and in the community as Christ exemplifies for us.

Mission Trips: A heart for every nation and tribe to be reached with the gospel is reflected in a disciple’s giving and/or going.