Northpark Land Vision

On May 19th the church met to discuss the future of the land that we own at the corner of Northpark Drive and Woodridge Parkway. Pastor Jeremy provided his vision for the land regarding all of the new opportunities for ministry that would be opened up for the church as well as for the surrounding community.

We are looking at three, possibly four, phases of development where we will build a facility that will allow us to host worship services, Parents Day Out, and to significantly grow our Upward Sports program from basketball and cheerleading to include football, soccer and volleyball as well. Through the development of this land we will also be able to launch additional outreach programs, allowing the surrounding community to use our facility while we share the good news of Jesus every day of the year.

Below you will find renderings of some potential options for the land as well as the buildings on the land. Below the renderings you will find a form where you can ask questions and submit comments. Please do and we will create an FAQ based on your questions.

We will have additional town halls in the near future, but before we scheduled those meetings, we wanted to get some additional feedback from the church.

Please pray for this opportunity and how you could participate as we grow God’s Church here in Kingwood.

Construction Plans

Click the image below to view its corresponding info sheet. The basketball court and tennis pavilion visuals are only renderings and are subject to change.

Thoughts, Questions, or Comments?