Jesus is the most generous person who ever lived.

He gave His life so that we might live. As Christians, we give our time, talent, and money joyfully in response to Jesus’ generosity and to help more people meet Jesus. Thank you for your gifts which impact lives.

Our giving system allows you make a one-time payment through your credit/debit card and/or set up a recurring payment. A new feature is the ability to give via your phone by texting any dollar amount to 84321. In addition, we also have available the ACH (Automated Clearing House) feature which allows you to have money withdrawn from your bank account at regular intervals. Both options have a small processing fee as required by all banks, the ACH fee is $.25 per transaction while the credit card is typically 2 to 3% depending on which card is used.

Give to Woodridge

Different Ways to Give

We have many convenient giving options. Click an item below to learn more.

You can leave a legacy by remembering Woodridge Baptist Church in your will. The administrative office would be happy to assist your attorney in setting up an Estate Gift. You can call 281-361-6800 for more information.
Cash and checks are the most common way donations are received by the church. Our church sends out giving statements quarterly to ensure we are properly recording any gifts you have given.
Some individuals like to make special year-end gifts to support our ministry. Because all gifts to the church are subject to IRS deadlines, please remember that all year-end gifts must be received in the church office before midnight on December 31, or must be postmarked before the end of December to be deducted in the present tax year. Any gifts received after December 31 and not postmarked in December will be included in the next tax year. The date written on a check will not determine in which tax year a gift is included. Only the actual date of receipt by the church or the postmark will establish the correct tax year for the IRS.
The church accepts real estate, used vehicles, jewelry, etc.
Stocks or other investments that have grown in value and that you have held for more than one year can become a substantial gift made at a low net cost to you. You receive a charitable deduction for the donation of these assets, and it’s based on their fair market value on the date of the gift. But there’s a bonus– you avoid all federal capital gains tax that would otherwise be due on a sale of the assets. You may even tithe with stock all year and take your cash normally used for tithing and develop a stock portfolio just for future tithing and special giving to God’s work. Or, take a capital loss yourself. If you own securities worth less now than when you purchased them, sell them and contribute the proceeds. Then you can take a capital loss on your tax return, subject to certain limitations, and a charitable deduction for the gift of the proceeds. The church has its own brokerage account and all transactions can be accommodated electronically, without actual stock certificates changing hands. You can call 281-361-6800 for more information.