I firmly believe that you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite fast food choice. For example, if their chosen poison is Subway, they want to be healthy but choose the Italian herbs and cheese bread each time, so they’re probably the type of person who’s only halfway committed to things. McDonalds? They know what they like, and they are unwavering in their conviction. Papa Johns? They think they’re better than everyone.

Well, I believe this theory also bleeds over into the spiritual side of things. I think that each fast food chain almost perfectly reflects a spiritual gift and can probably tell you a whole lot more about where your own personal giftings lie than a 150-question quiz you can find online.

Chick-Fil-A – Evangelism
This one is obviously a no brainer. Chick-Fil-A is the Lord’s restaurant and basically whops you over the head with Christ’s love with every bite of juicy chicken and “My pleasure” uttered in your general direction. If you want to feel good about supporting a Christian business while also (sort of) letting your body remain a healthy temple, you go to CFA. If we all lived our lives as evangelically as Chick-fil-a, we’d spread the Gospel faster than you can say “extra crispy waffle fries.”

Whataburger – Hospitality
If Martha were to open a fast food restaurant, I think it’d be a Whataburger. It’s a staple of Texas, everyone feels at home here, and its arms are open 24/7 to welcome you in. If your spiritual gift is hospitality, you’re probably sweet like a honey butter biscuit and as lively as spicy ketchup. If your door is open, the people will come.

McDonalds – Leadership
McDonalds changed the game. It’s probably the most well-known business in the whole world and has been around forever; and you know what, the food’s not that good. But McDonalds knows how to change the game and set a new standard for cheap and greasy food. If you like McDonalds, you probably know what you like and are passionate about that enough to get others to get onboard. You go do great things.

Subway – Administration
Subway is organized. Subway has a place for everything and everything in its place. They run out of tomatoes? They simply pull up another metal container of pre-sliced tomatoes. They’ll be toasting your sandwich while ringing up the person before you and asking a preferred cheese for the person behind you. If you have administration as a spiritual gift, you probably appreciate their order and structure. You also probably order the same exact thing every single time you go.

Panera Bread – Giving
Panera Bread has been giving away its left-over bread to charities for years as well as opening community cafes with a “pay what you can” policy covered by other patrons who are able to give a little more. Maybe you find this mindset inspiring and you also tend to give away your own personal time, resources, and funds to those around you. Also, it’s expensive, so you must have a budget to give if that’s what you consider “fast food.”

Taco Bell – Prophecy
Taco Bell is always eight steps ahead of the competition when it comes to what weird and wonderful things someone would want to eat. Who thought to put Doritos and tacos together? A genius. Who made the call to wrap a burrito with a quesadilla and call it a Quesarito? A blessing from above. Who thought Taco Bell should have its own pop-up hotel in Palm Springs? Someone I want as my best friend. Just like how we don’t always know how to interpret a prophecy from someone with that gifting, you don’t always know what you’re putting in your mouth at Taco Bell but it’s for sure from the Lord.

Do you feel seen yet? At the very least are you super hungry? Well then, my job here is done. I hope this quick read has helped you better understand yourself and brought warmth, understanding, and Biblical light to a previously fluorescent and plastic filled space. It was truly my pleasure.

Grace Dawson
Multimedia Storyteller